• Stabilized VSAT/TVRO Specialists; Repair/Install/Refit/Replacement
  • RF Engineering; Cable/Connector Integrity Testing, Spectrum Analysis of RF Quality (VSAT/TVRO).
  • IT Network Support, VoIP, Onboard and Remote Management.

  • Satellite TV IF Distribution (Multiswitch).
  • Various Satellite Providers custom fit for your VSAT Requirements.
  • Alternate Data Systems as backup to VSAT (Out of Band management via Iridium, GSM, External Wifi, Etc).
  • Power Management Solutions, UPS, Power Distribution for A/V, Communication, Satellite Equipment.
  • Rack Solutions for Equipment Mounting, Lighting, Cabling,Cooling, Labeling,  VoIP Telehone Interface, Network (LAN) Interface, NMEA Expander, Gyro Interface, Etc.
  • System Survey; Diagnostic Results and Full Service Report.
  • Spares Kits, Antenna/Cable/Connector/Spare Parts/Tools, Test Equipment.


Ph: +1 954 609 9012

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Network Innovations 

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